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The Bird & The Tire Swing

Sometimes a good way to recognize your tremendous worth

is by helping others see theirs.

A bird helps a tire swing regain it's worth, and in the process, makes a friend… maybe the most worthy thing of all.

At bedtime, I make up stories to lull my children to sleep. Often times, I’ll rewrite favorite movies on the fly to make them kid-friendly. My children don’t know that they’re movies, they just think I’m a master-storyteller.

When I’m not stealing from screenwriters, I actually do make-up stories to help ease the time before lights-out. And occasionally, I’ll tell one that has… something. And this is how the story of the bird and the tire swing began.


I told it. and then I kept retelling it, editing it and refining it as I did. Then one night, as I told it, a nice ending came to mind…An ending that motivated me to start drawing pictures to go along with the words. And here we are.

So my recommendation is to buy it, read it, memorize it, then pass it off like you wrote it. 

In my experience, this is usually followed by great creative inspiration. 

- jbn

You can flip through a few pages HERE.
Once you are terribly engrossed but hardly satisfied,
you can buy multiple copies HERE.


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